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Uefa President Favouring Chelsea’s Opposition?

The knockout stages of the Champions League don’t even start until February so why do I get the feeling our fate could’ve been decided already?

This isn’t my usual pessimism though, because this is about something a little more worrying than that – a certain Monsieur Platini’s potential to influence events. I mean, if there’s anyone we’d least like to see praying for a Juventus win, it’d have to be him wouldn’t it? But that’s exactly what he wants.

Let’s face it, Juve don’t exactly have the most honest of reputations in the world of football to start with do they? And here they are being backed by none other than the UEFA president himself. Platini will be presenting the trophy in Rome and says I would love to give the Champions League to Juventus.  I was in Turin when Del Piero stunned Iker Casillas of Real Madrid. I rose to my feet, not only because I am a Juventino but I think it was the goal of 2008.”

Hmmm, so the Uefa president wants to ‘give’ the Champions League to an Italian side eh? What was it he called us again?



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