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Drogba Promises Surprises In 2009

When reflecting on 2008, Didier Drogba seems to be coming to the conclusion that he didn’t exactly have the best of years.

I mean, for a start he couldn’t seem to make his mind up whether he wanted to be at Chelsea or not, then there was that terrible balance affliction that seemed to affect him every time he came up against a blade of grass, not to mention his temporary tourettes in the Champions League final where he clearly had no control at all over his mouth and hands – the poor bloke really had it hard.

As for Chelsea, well, we were having a great time. What fun we had never knowing what we were going to get, a storming of the opponents net or a triple-salko perhaps? Taking the game by the scruff or just a team-mate? League and European champions or laughing stock? And all safe in the knowledge that some vagrant cone collector wasn’t our choice of manager either.

Mustn’t grumble or feel sorry for ourselves though because we had such a glorious summer after all. Unlike the poor Ivorian who says “This summer, I didn’t have a head for football anymore.  I had completely lost my fire. I didn’t want to hear talk of objectives or ambition anymore. I felt completely extinguished. For the first time in my career, I lost my passion for football. I was lost.  Last season could have been terrific and spectacular, in the end it was just a good season which left quite a few regrets.”

Still, at least things have improved this season eh? I mean, I know we haven’t seen much of Drogba so far, what with him finding it so hard to tear himself away from the comfort of the treatment room and his enforced break off the back of an impromptu donation to the Burnley fans, but at least Didier’s got a new playmate now – if he could get to play with him that is.

And on the subject of his new ‘pal’, the Chelsea striker’s glee is overwhelming as he says “For the moment, I just have to keep quiet.  It’s not because I’ve been here for more than four years that I have the right to have demands on a status of starter.  At the moment there is a man who is scoring and who is piling up goals. I only have to wait my turn.  I have always said that I was happy that Nicolas came to Chelsea. But I still don’t understand why coaches are scared to play us together.”

Finally, even his itchy feet seem to have cleared up now, what with the Inter boss recently playing down any concerns we ever had about clandestine meetings in London restaurants. Mind you, on that subject the Ivorian himself says “I’m going to let myself be carried by events.  I could plant myself here, but I have the impression that in 2009, good things will happen for me. Without doubt there will also be surprises.”

And with Didier Drogba, we just know that bit’s true!



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