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Scolari Blaming Cech For Poor Defending?

Oh dear, oh dear.

So, we go a goal down, work our arses off to turn it around, only to let a lead slip against Fulham and it looks as if Scolari could be laying the blame at Petr Cech’s door. The fact that for the first goal he had the unaccustomed partnership of Alex and Ivanovic ahead of him, whilst for the second it was Ivanovic and the game-rusty Carvalho wouldn’t have helped the Chelsea keeper’s confidence much anyway, and Scolari’s questioning after the game aren’t going to boost him either.

Fair enough, it was two set-pieces that saw us lacking, but with Scolari’s tactics including his philosophy of “posts do not score goals, players do”, shouldn’t he be taking some blame here?

Apparently not, because the Chelsea boss says “I asked Petr what happened because one player was free in the middle of the area in the last minute. It is incredible. Petr is the captain for this area. We lost two points today. We made two mistakes with our marking and conceded two goals. I think they had one more chance – we had 10 chances and scored two goals. It is my job now to look and see what happened. It is my dressing room. I need to look at it.”

I’d have to suggest it’s not the dressing room but the training ground Scolari needs to look at because there was a lot more to that draw that Petr Cech’s inability to keep his goal and if Scolari doesn’t recognise that, then we’re in trouble.



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