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Are Chelsea Lining Up A Replacement For Drogba Or Not?

So, apparently no-one knows anything about this meeting Drogba had with Mourinho’s men, or at least no-one’s prepared to admit they do. And we had Scolari and Didier making a show of hugging each other when we somehow managed to go a goal up last night, so what exactly is going on?

Well, for a start there’s no smoke without fire and I can’t see the press being able to give those sort of details about a meeting if it really didn’t take place. Besides, nobodies denied it actually took place, they’re all just refusing to get into discussions over it. And it really would fit with Mourinho’s way of doing business, which of course is pretty ironic now that Chelsea could be the club on the receiving end.

But then what about Drogba? Would he do anything so underhand or is this just the press stirring it? Scolari seems to hint that it’s more about agents, saying “We are coming into December, then Christmas – and Christmas is for agents, the time when they open their mouths for the world and say ‘we know this team or that team wants a player’. Now is their month. Maybe you will read about 15 players coming to Chelsea from outside and 15 leaving.”

Of course that’s probably true, we all know what agents are like after all, but that isn’t the case here is it? It’s not as if Drogba’s agent has come out bragging about the amount Inter are offering in a bid to get Drogba a better contract at Chelsea because it’s all being played down anyway. Besides, if his constant whingeing over the last four years. – which was certainly heightened following Mourinho’s departure – is anything to go by, then a new deal with Chelsea is possibly the last thing the Ivorian is looking for.

So on the question of whether or not Drogba would be involved in dodgy deals sorted out in London restaurants, I think that’s a resounding yes. And with his current employers no doubt also aware they have a striker with the unfortunate affliction of itchy feet, that would probably account for the latest rumours regarding possible replacements. Because yesterday saw reports of potential replacements in Adriano and CSKA’s Wagner Love – oh and just in case we weren’t convinced, the press threw in Sevilla’s Luis Fabiano as an alternative.

But just because the meeting probably did take place, does it really mean Chelsea will have anyone else lined up ready? After all, did they have a plan B when we lost out on Robinho to City?



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