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Steven Gerrard Showing His True Colours Over Cole?

Well, well, while the world and his wife – and most of the England squad – have come out and condemned the moronic booing of Ashley Cole against Kazakhstan, there’s one perfect little individual who’s decided to defend the ‘supporters’.

Yes, that little darling of the press, he of the much kissed arse – Stevie Me – insists those England ‘fans’ were entitled to boo Cole for making one mistake. Whether he’d agree if the crowd had responded to his sorry excuse for a game in the same way is another matter, but anyhow, Mr Liverpool says “Of course.  Any supporter, when you pay money, you deserve to voice your opinion.  It’s not going to help Ashley and it’s not going to help the team but the support we got was fantastic. They stayed with us throughout the game.”

So that’s ok then eh Mr Gerrard? As long as they don’t get on your case it really doesn’t matter that playing at Wembley these days is like giving the opposition a twelfth man.  Because they didn’t support the whole team throughout the game did they? Or were my ears deceiving me at half-time? The fact is they just didn’t pick up on the rubbish you served up so you’ve decided to do a bit of reciprocal arse-kissing in the hope that your turn never comes. Isn’t that a little closer to the truth?

I mean, I just don’t buy all this ‘if you pay your money’ rubbish. I read some ridiculous comments yesterday about these people having ‘the right’ to give both the players and the manager stick when they make mistakes. Some wannabe spokesman stating “There are fans in the stands who would cut off a finger to play for England and when they see somebody playing badly it matters to them.” So Ashley Cole, who is generally one of the more consistent players, makes one admittedly really poor backpass and that equates to playing badly for England, and yet Stevie Me not only has a shocker of a game but seems to do that a lot more often than Cole, and that doesn’t warrant the same sort of barracking? Slightly flawed argument there if you ask me.

But this ‘supporter’ goes on “The fans who are going to Belarus this week will probably lose three days’ work and spend around £400. Those of us who will go to Kazakhstan next year will probably have to spend our summer holiday there. So why shouldn’t the people who spend so much time and money on supporting England be able to criticise if they want to?” Well, probably because the majority of the ‘tourists’ who booed are very unlikely to be the hardcore England fans who travel would be my answer to that. After all, this ‘spokesperson’ (who seemingly is one of the travelling supporters) had already admitted he wasn’t amongst those who’d voiced their displeasure at Cole’s mistake. Again, not much of an argument there.

So, my suggestion to Stevie Me and these Wembley tourists remains the same: if you can’t pick a positive hymn sheet to sing from, England doesn’t need you.



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