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Will Kinnear Still Be Around For Our Fixture?

I know this is a Chelsea blog, but the recent goings on at Newcastle just provoke an opinion, so on this occasion I’ve decided to indulge myself in an article unconnected to the blues:


It can’t always be a whole lot of fun being a football manager, particularly when it comes to the media. However, for the most part, the leading men manage to handle the press boys with good grace.

Not so Joe Kinnear though, because Newcastle’s temporary boss – having only officially been in place since Monday – appears to have lost it already. In his first pre-match press conference on Thursday, Kinnear let rip at the press for their coverage of his appointment, which clearly didn’t meet with his approval.

In some respects, Kinnear might have had a point, given that he hasn’t even officially taken charge of a game yet. But on the other hand, with the club up for sale, the supporters screaming for the re-instatement of their ex-boss and the team apparently unable to buy a win, there doesn’t seem all that much for the press to go on if they want a positive stance.

However, it was the reporters questioning the logic behind Newcastle’s first-team players being given Monday off that really saw Kinnear lose his head. In the mother of all rants, Kinnear – describing the waiting press as “c***s*” – ranted “I will stand up and fight for myself in any corner. You’re not going to fuck me off or frighten me in any manner. Whatever you do, or whatever headlines you run, you’re not going to embarrass me. I’m not going to stand for it. I’ve come up here for a simple chance to fucking prove myself. Get off my back and let me get on with my job. That’s all I ask. Fucking hell.” Actually though, even that little snippet is only the tip of the iceberg in a blow-up that saw Kinnear use as many expletives as vowels and threaten to cut all communication with the media in future.

Of course, there must be plenty of managers out there who’ve felt like ripping the press boys a new arse from time to time but there’s better ways of going about it? Sir Alex Ferguson, for example, managed to get the press to traipse all the way to Aalborg recently before telling them where to go. Even Avram Grant gave them the silent treatment last season – although that only brought bewilderment ffrom the press and embarrassment for Chelsea, but at least he had a go.

But Kinnear wasn’t quite as subtle and given that he’s the public face of a club already widely regarded as the Premier League’s biggest joke right now, will he live to regret it?



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