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Deadline Day Disaster?

What can we say about deadline day then? Another forgettable day in Chelsea’s history? Well I for one certainly hope not.

Real Madrid’s conduct and treatment of both Robinho and Chelsea went past a joke. Leading us totally up the garden path for months, then changing their minds a few days ago by suggesting the player wasn’t for sale seemed bad enough. The reason? Well the mighty Real Madrid had failed to sign anyone over the summer. Ok, I guess there’s not much we could do about that then.

But then the events of yesterday really took the biscuit. Manchester City get a windfall and suddenly Robinho’s back on the market again. Ok, so Real Madrid must have found someone stupid enough to sign for them then? Except they hadn’t. So what’s the score then?

Well, it would appear that after we’d conceded and sold them Robben last season, they’d decided they’d rather sell Robinho to Accrington if that’s what it took to stop him playing for Chelsea. And the reason for that? They didn’t like the way we’d conducted ourselves!

A little rich coming from a club who’s pursuit of Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo – who genuinely wasn’t for sale incidentally – bordered on harrassment.

I’m not particularly impressed with City’s part in this either, but they got lucky – whilst they were thumbing through this summer’s big names to see who they could splash some cash on, they were fortunate enough to come across a player so desperate to get away from Real Madrid, he’d have signed for any club. But we’ve been made mugs of by the most shameful club in the world and I guess in the end, City facilitated that.

Don’t get me wrong, Chelsea are bigger than any one player but I hope the club develop long memories after this. The way Real Madrid have behaved throughout this summer is a disgrace and I hope lesson’s have been learned.

Do me a favour Chelsea and don’t ever forget this year’s deadline day the next time Real Madrid come knocking.



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