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Mutu Told To Pay Chelsea What He Owes

Adrian Mutu has been ordered by Fifa to pay Chelsea around £9.6million. The Romanian striker, bought form Parma in 2003 for £15million pounds has been told his positive test for cocaine in 2004 was a unilateral breach of contract without just cause. Mutu’s agent however, says his client won’t be handing over a penny until all legal avenues have been exhausted, with the suggestion that he’ll fight the fine in civil court.

Mutu certainly made an impact at Chelsea from start to finish of his brief spell with us. On arrival, he scored four goals in his first three games which had Ranieri crowing “Mutu is a very good striker. Anyone who scores 18 goals in one season in Serie A is very dangerous.” However, it wasn’t just on the pitch he was causing problems. In the summer of 2003 the Bucharest authorities accused Mutu of beating his wife and his lifestyle during his early time at Chelsea was causing friction with his then manager, Claudio Ranieri. So, with his early promise seemingly dying out and Mutu going on a run of 13 games without a goal, it became apparent something wasn’t quite right. And a training ground drug test in the early months of Mourinho’s reign highlighted exactly what the problem was – our ‘playboy’ had a cocaine habit.

Chelsea didn’t take too much time deliberating his punishment and he was duly given his marching orders and a seven-month ban from football. Harsh? Well, some might say a spell in rehab could’ve saved his Chelsea career but the publicity he brought on himself in the wake of his misconduct, with stories of porn stars and car chases with Romanian police would suggest this was not a career Mutu particularly valued at the time. Surprisingly though, given his persistent bad behaviour, Fabio Capello offered him a lifeline at Juventus and his move from there to Fiorentina has seen a once jeopardised career resurrected.

The question is though, how sorry was Mutu to have put such a privileged career as a professional footballer in jeopardy? Apparently not sorry enough to compensate the club he disrespected. Having lashed out £15million for a player – who broke the terms of his contract and did not therefore do the job he was paid for – Chelsea sought £8million in compensation based on his potential transfer value. Mutu however, despite admitting his liking for cocaine at the time, has appealed every decision against him so far. And with his agent suggesting he’s ready to fight this latest ruling, the Mutu saga seems set to run on and on.



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