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Benitez in ‘Drogba Diving’ shocker!

Remember that Benitez bloke? You know the one, the one who always had a go at Mourinho for using the press to play games. Of course, he was always superior because he’d never use the press in the same way would he? He’d never be worried enough about the outcome of a game to stoop to that sort of level would he? Well ok, he would, but he used to play the martyr and veil it a little more subtly than he does now. I mean, we’ve already had the bravado about how Liverpool are most definitely going to win at Stamford Bridge Wednesday night – and that’s ok, I mean why wouldn’t he be confident when he’s got good enough reasons to be? But now, he’s using the press for referee selection.


What he would like, just in case anyone from Uefa is reading, is a ref from a “European country with a big league“, oh, and if the pea could be removed from his whistle as well, that would be appreciated. Apparently, Konrad Plautz puckered up a little too much at Anfield and most annoyingly, the Liverpool players hadn’t even bent over. That really is a turn up for the books – no wonder Mr Benitez is so vexed. To think an official could sympathise with Drogba without even noticing Chelsea players were inflicting bruises on Torres had the Spaniard incensed. Bruises playing football! Whoever’s heard of such scandal?!


As if such a thought isn’t enough to shock us to the very core, Benitez wants to make it known that a certain Didier Drogba dives. Surely not? I mean this man’s powers of observation must be second to none. Surely there can’t be a supporter in the land who’s noticed anything of the sort going on, every week? I know, I know, it’s truly shocking news, but alas it’s true and Rafa has the proof. Not that he’s in anyway obsessed or anything, but he has his very own home movie. “He is amazing because he is massive (and yet he goes down). It is very impressive,” says Benitez – read into that what you will. Having a goatee does not qualify you as a voyeur (does it Mr Wenger?), although maybe a 19 match medley of one man does.


So anyway, what Mr Benitez would like – just in case the refs haven’t read the papers – is a good referee to stop Drogba’s ‘antics’ because apparently “you can’t do anything to stop him going down” according to Benitez. Personally I think it’s disgraceful behaviour! No wonder he chose to share the video with some of his players – a certain Mr Gerrard has to pick up tips from somewhere eh?



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