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Liverpool Confident Despite Lack of Ambition

This weekend saw a tale of two games, two very different games and two teams with very different levels of ambition. Even though our actual chances of winning the league appeared slimmer than a size 0 on a diet, Grant chose to field a full-strength squad for the home game against Manchester United.  Benitez’s ambition, on the other hand, saw him make nine changes to the side we faced in the Champions League semi-final first-leg at Anfield. Whilst our players ran their arses off to come away with the three points they’d clearly gone out to get, Liverpool just about managed a point after clawing back a 2-0 deficit at Birmingham. And the happiest manager? While for once we saw some genuine animation and emotion from the Not So Special One, Rafa appeared more than satisfied with their now almost certain fourth place finish. And if there’s a dipper out there who hasn’t yet worked out fourth place is as ambitious as it’s likely to get in the Premier League under The Tubby One, he’s spelt it out for you “I’d like to finish as high as possible but sometimes this cannot happen and at the end you must be happy with the fourth position and happy if you do well in the Champions League.” So fourth place it is again this year and the foreseeable future no doubt, but at least they can put out a nicely rested full-strength squad against us Wednesday eh?


Talking of which, it seems our players upset Kuyt by celebrating the 1-1 draw at Anfield as if they’d “already reached the finals”. Considering we’d played some of the most dire football Europe’s ever seen, got an away goal courtesy of Riise when we were never going to score ourselves and managed all this against our bogey side in the Champions League – our celebration for that one game alone was never going to be subtle. As for believing we’re there already – I hardly think so. Not that any of that matters to Steven MBE, OBE, MFI, B&Q Gerrard, who’s already vowing, in his saintly capacity, to lead Liverpool to victory in the second leg. We might be unbeaten at Stamford Bridge since the 2-1 defeat to Barca *spits* in February 2006, but Gerrard is so confident Liverpool’s curse over us in Europe won’t be lifted, that he’s saying they WILL win – and Kuyt reckons we’re confident?!


Although the dippers are apparently sick of hearing how they haven’t scored under Rafa at Stamford Bridge in eight games, Gerrard insists Torres is going to rip us apart in the return leg because he hasn’t played at the Bridge yet – as good a reason as any I suppose. Just remind me though, who was the last Liverpool player to score there, surely it was in Rush’s day? On a more serious note though, I will have to agree with him on one thing, they did create the better chances in the first leg – in fact they pretty much created the only chances – and if it wasn’t for Riise, Reina wouldn’t have had to move all night. We’re going to have to do a lot better than that.


Rafa himself doesn’t seem any less confident of a victory, talking about the “four very clear chances” they created at Anfield – the fact they only actually took one of them seems to have passed him by. “Somebody has to win the match” he tells us. What can I say? The man is clearly a genius. “There is no point going there for a draw”, course not Tubby, you reserve them for the Premier League. Rafa has also more or less confirmed Riise will start against us in the second leg and has suggested the benevolent full-back make up for his last minute blunder which handed us a very fortuitous draw. No pressure then eh? In fact, to confirm Aurelio’s absence and therefore Riise’s place, what Tubby actually said was “He will be out for three weeks, but back in time for the final!” And Kuyt had the front to say we jumped the gun?


I know I bang on about what we’ve done – or more to the point, haven’t done – in the league this season, but this is one game where I couldn’t care less if it comes off Ten Cates arse from the touchline and goes in, I’ll take another result against them any way we can get it. In fact, the dodgier the win against them the better.


Anyone else want to see the smug goatee get his comeuppance in the CL again?



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