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As the run-in approaches, let’s see where we are
Coz, for a club ‘going forward’ we ain’t moved very far.
Where once there was arrogance, self assured belief
Every win we get now brings only relief.
No strutting on touchlines now that Grant’s in the job,
If he did the ‘chin up’ he’d at least shut his gob.
Instead he looks clueless, stands scratching his head
Dribbling and drooling, like he’s just been spoon-fed.
No conviction, no passion, not a hint of a clue
As top manager’s go, Grant just will not do.
The team, once cohesive, almost joint at the hip
Have lost their momentum and seen their form dip
As if every game, the fight from them is draining –
And instead that fight’s saved for each other in training.
Still, at least we can see what Ten Cate’s here for
Even if it’s just putting JT on the floor.
But Grant’s appointment, I still can’t work out –
I can’t see him reffing the odd sparring bout.
So what is he doing to gee the lads up –
As we’re soundly beat in each domestic cup?
Constant change of formation/personnel
In his vain attempts to make it all gel
Clueless tactics, no heart and no soul
Like playing Pizarro when we need a goal.
Or Malouda when he’s just huffing and puffing
If its going tits up, Grant just stands and does nothing.
No half time team talks, no rallying cry
This whole ‘management’ thing just passes him by.
So where are we heading? And just what’s in store?
Before the Clueless One is shoved out the door?
Champions League maybe? Is that where we aspire?
Or maybe the title, we’ll take to the wire?
I guess that on paper, the draw might look kind
But then so did Barnsley, its worth bearing in mind.
Then if we get through, it’s the dippers or Arse
In terms of prediction, I think I’ll just pass.
So that leaves the league, how much chance have we got?
My guess is none unless Fergie loses the plot.
So this ‘taking us forward’, the Russian’s great scheme
Does it actually involve the team?
Or are we just a marketing tool
So the Russian can use us to conquer and rule?
Spouting ‘world domination’, well yeah, but of what?
Coz let’s face it, the football’s hardly crash hot,
So enough is enough, this farce needs to end
Get rid of the Grinch coz there’s Bridge’s to mend.



Blue is the colour is an honest insight to the World of Chelsea FC. Not always pretty, sometimes rather cynical, but always realistic.


April 2008
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